COVID-19 Vaccines – Questions to get answered BEFORE consenting

Informed Consent

Fully Informed Consent is necessary when considering ANY medical procedure and Vaccinations are in this category. Unfortunately, there have been reports of healthcare workers administering COVID-19 vaccines who do not fully understand key facts about them. This may be because many of them have been hurriedly trained solely to staff the vaccination centres.

The responsibility for your health ultimately lies with you, so always ask Healthcare Professionals for clarification of where their information comes from, and ask them to point you to websites or leaflets to read.

You would not buy a car or go on holiday without researching it so if you have any doubts, please postpone the appointment until you are sure. Once you take a vaccine you cannot untake it!

It is highly recommended that you review the questions in our PDF and compare answers from multiple sources to avoid being misinformed. Then if you still wish to consider a vaccination, take the questions with you to the appointment and ask them of the person who will actually be administering the injection.  If they cannot answer them, feel free to ask to speak to a supervisor.

It is critical that you understand your own risk/benefit profile and possible side effects of reactions with the vaccine from any medication you are taking.  Someone working in a vaccination centre will not have access to your medical records and will not take the time to learn about your medical history.  They ask a few standard questions of everyone and these questions may not be sufficient to identify any particular risks for you personally.

Vaccination for women who are planning pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding

While planning for, or during pregnancy, women are recommended to take extra care of their diet and health. This is especially important in the first trimester, where risk of miscarriage and birth defects is highest. While breastfeeding there are also special considerations to ensure that illnesses and other harms are not passed onto the baby. There are specific questions related to these topics at the bottom of the PDF.