COVID-19 Pass Exemption Card

Many venues are now starting to voluntarily use the NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Status App. In Wales, the app is mandatory in many types of venue.

There are clear exemptions to using the app and self declaration is acceptable.

This handy business card is ideal to give to anyone who feels that having to prove their COVID-19 vaccination or test status is unacceptable.

On the front side it has an exemption message and a link to the government website regarding the app and exemptions. On the reverse side are some great websites people can visit when they are starting to sense that something isn’t right about what’s going on.

The downloadable zip file contains two TIFF files in CMYK format – one for the back and one for the front.  These are ready to be sent to the printer of your choice.

The files were created to the specifications of the printers that we use, so we recommend using them, unless you have a local independent printer you would like to support.

Our printer is and if you use this link you will receive £10 off your first order.