So how are you feeling? Shocked? Despondant? Angry? Foolish? Belligerent? Whether the previous page contained any new information or not, just seeing it all together in one place can deeply affect you both mentally and emotionally. We certainly found it challenging to put together.

It is not our intention to depress you but rather to help you grasp the scale and magnitude of the assault on us. Only when you understand this will you begin to appreciate the urgency with which it must all be combatted and the importance of both taking personal action and bringing others to awareness.

For those who want to read further or create their own library of evidence, the PDFs below may be of use. They contain all the information from the above graphic together with numerous links to key documents, reports, media coverage and videos. Please download it and share it with whoever needs to see it. You do not need to provide us with your name or email address in order to download. Just click on the button below.

Actions You Can Take

So what actions can you take? It can seem hopeless. How can a single ordinary person put a stop to all this?

The answer is that no one person can - but the combined individual actions of thousands and millions will bring about change. This isn't about storming parliament, overthrowing governments or gluing yourself to roads. Nor is it about sitting on a yoga mat raising your vibration and calling on angels and aliens to rescue us.

What is needed is for each of us to take personal responsibility. While some of the foundations of what is happening were laid before most of us were born, we have allowed this to happen on our watch. We have been complacent, allowing our government to invert its relationship with us. While we enjoyed ever more TV channels, advances in technology and the illusion of becoming wealthy by ever increasing house prices, our public servants turned the tables on us, making us ever more at their beck and call.

It is time for us to reclaim our rightful role as the drivers not the driven, the masters not the servants. We must hold to account those who should have our best interests in mind, but do not. We must remind those who claim to be "in power" that they are actually "in service". We must stop seeing all that frustrates and annoys us in society as either "just the way it is" or "somebody else's problem".

Below are a few simple choices and changes you can make and some bigger changes that may need more planning, but will help you and your loved ones maintain their freedoms. It is time to reclaim our society, reduce our dependence on their system and stop giving ground, power and money to those who serve only themselves.

Turn off mainstream media and watch alternatives e.g. UK Column & The Corbett Report Mainstream media are now largely agenda-driven propaganda. Alternative views and voices, when covered, are misrepresented and/or ridiculed. Alternative media offer a broader spectrum of views, researched news and independent voices. But be discerning - just because it's on alternative media doesn't make it true either! COVID, Censorship, Coercion, COVID Jabs, Corruption, Children, Conflict, CBDC, Climate Crisis, Communism, Cost of Living, Cars Cameras & 15 Min Cities, Control
Stop subscribing to mainstream newspapers. Read The Light Newspaper Off Guardian and Conservative Woman The well researched, investigative journalism of yesteryear is gone from the mainstream press. Corporate owners push their political agendas, steer public opinion and distract the masses with sensation and celebrity. But as with TV media, alternative does not automatically mean true. Do your research. COVID, Censorship, Coercion, COVID Jabs, Corruption, Children, Conflict, CBDC, Climate Crisis, Communism, Cost of Living, Cars Cameras & 15 Min Cities, Control
Make new connections with local like-minded people. As you start to express your new views on the world you may find your friends and family are not on the same page. Arguments, distancing, disowning can all happen. You may also find yourself feeling frustrated when you see them accepting things you now know to be wrong. Connecting with other people who share your views will help stop isolation and give you a safe space to speak openly. COVID, Censorship, Coercion, COVID Jabs, Corruption, Children, Conflict, CBDC, Climate Crisis, Communism, Cost of Living, Cars Cameras & 15 Min Cities, Control
Cancel Your TV Licence The BBC seems to lurch from one scandal to the next. While clinging to the moral high ground they are increasingly shown to be internally tolerating and enabling repugnant behaviours. Also endless propaganda instead of a public service. Stop funding this unfit for purpose cesspit. COVID, Censorship, Coercion, COVID Jabs, Corruption, Children, Conflict, CBDC, Climate Crisis, Communism, Cost of Living, Cars Cameras & 15 Min Cities, Control
Stop getting vaccinated. Research MHRA yellow card data Even mainstream media now admits that "safe and effective" was completely wrong. Untold harms have been done by the covid jabs - some of which won't come to light for many more years. Don't put yourself in further harm's way unnecessarily - we need you!! COVID Jabs
Take a greater interest in your child's education. Ask to see the school curriculum. Join the Parent Teacher's Association. Stand for election as a governor. Explore homeschooling The programming of children has ramped up significantly in the last couple of years. They are being indoctrinated, confused and turned into drones that will do and think as they are told. We have been tricked into believing the state is responsible for our children's education and we must just send them to school. Children
Don't donate to Ukraine causes While no-one wants to see someone suffer, the Ukraine conflict is an entirely engineered situation to progress a global agenda. Much of what we see on the news is carefully staged. Think - when did you last see a long queue of politicians and celebrities eager to be photographed in the middle of a war zone? Would you have time to do a photshoot for Vogue magazine while fighting a war against one of the largest armies in the world? Conflict, Cost of Living, Communism
Write to your MP denouncing the Ukraine conflict and the financial support being sent. There is far more to the Ukraine situation than is being told. You only have to look at headlines from 8-10 years ago to see a very different picture. Nazism is rife in Ukraine. We are sending billions to escalate a conflict while we have children starving at home. Conflict, Cost of Living, Children, Communism
Use cash as much as possible Governments are using our increased use of debit cards, phone payments etc to build a case for getting rid of cash. Cash retains its value no matter how many times it is used. A £20 note is £20 whether it is used once or a thousand times. Compare with the fees that get deducted each time a business you buy from accepts your card payment. £20 becomes £19, becomes £18 - while the lost buying power becomes bank profits. CBDC, Cost of Living, Communism
Boycott self-service checkouts As well as reducing job opportunities, supermarkets are increasing profit margins by getting you to do all the work yourself. Also many self-service checkouts now feature invasive close-up cameras that monitor your face while you scan your shopping. Why is this? Cost of Living, Cars Cameras & 15 min Cities
Shop local as much as possible Money spent with small local businesses largely stays in the community, whereas supermarket profits are whisked away to pay director bonuses and institutional shareholder dividends much of which doesn't even stay in the UK. Also big supermarkets are leading the assault on our privacy and freedom with data gathering through loyalty cards, two-tier pricing and increased security measures e.g. tags on butter, locked fridges Cost of Living, CBDC, Cars Cameras & 15min Cities
Research UN Agenda 2030. This is where the entire plan is explained and where the connection between the various topic areas can be seen most clearly. Who would have thought that wars and your local school curriculum were linked? COVID, Censorship, Coercion, COVID Jabs, Corruption, Children, Conflict, CBDC, Climate Crisis, Communism, Cost of Living, Cars Cameras & 15 min Cities, Control
Start to take an interest in your local council. Explore their website, attend council meetings, write to your councillor with questions, make complaints where services are below par or not delivered at all. Challenge whether your council tax gives you value for money. While we face a global agenda of totalitarianism, it is being implemented at a local level. While the media have us focused on Westminster, Boris and Partygate, our local councils are implementing schemes that will remove our rights and freedoms, limit our movements and expose us to a punitive set of penalties for non-compliance. It is by looking where they don't want us to look, holding to account those who actually live among us that we will prevent the globalists achieving their goals. Communism, Coercion, Corruption, Cars Cameras & 15 min Cities, Children, Climate Crisis, Control
Grow your own food. GMOs, lab-grown meat, insects, chemical laden highly processed food. None of these are good for you. Growing your own food allows you to be healthier as well as less reliant on systems such as supermarkets, industrial farming etc. Cost of Living, Coercion, Control, Corruption, Conflict
Set up local barter groups As well as creating a sense of community, these can help with food security, remaining independent and resisting CBDC. The system wants complete oversight of all our transactions. Local barter, swapping excess food, skills sharing and the like cannot be tracked. Cost of Living, CBDC, Communism, Control
Join Prepper Groups With sporadic food shortages over the last 18 months and plenty of evidence of these and more being planned, it is wise to ensure that you and your family have all you need to survive for a few weeks at least. Talk of power outages, extreme weather and other difficulties is on the rise. Unlike those living in remote US areas, we in the UK are poorly prepared for dealing with these situations. Prepper groups can quickly help you get prepared and groups will often share expensive items such as generators and will have plans in place to ensure all in the group are looked after in an SHTF situation. Cost of Living, Conflict, CBDC, Coercion, Climate Crisis
Opt out of Big Tech - deGoogled phones, Linux not Windows, leave Facebook We are increasingly being tracked online as well as when we go about our daily lives. Locations we visit, websites we visit, posts we make or comment on, videos we like, what we buy and from where - our data is being gathered, analysed and sold. At best companies are making money from us, at worst a detailed profile of our behaviours, beliefs and who we associate with is being built. Coercion, Control, CBDC, Conflict, Climate Crisis

Help Spread the Word

We’ve created a small flyer (A6 size) that you can keep in your pocket or handbag to give to people who may want to find out more.  The images below are lower resolution examples only.  To download high resolution print-ready versions, click on the buttons underneath the images and save to your hard drive.  They print-ready images are set up using the flyer template from whom we have found to be both great value for money and quick to deliver. 

Essential Context for Understanding this report

These reports contain a complete listing of all suspected adverse reactions that have been reported to the MHRA via the Yellow Card scheme for COVID-19 vaccines. This includes all reports received from healthcare professionals, members of the public, and pharmaceutical companies.

This information does not represent an overview of the potential side effects associated with the vaccines. A list of the recognised adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines is provided in the information for healthcare professionals and the recipient information here. Conclusions on the safety and risks of the vaccines cannot be made on the data shown in the report alone. When viewing the report, you should remember that:

  • Reporters are asked to submit Yellow Card reports even if they only have a suspicion that the vaccine may have caused the adverse reaction. The existence of an adverse reaction report does not necessarily mean that the vaccine has caused the reaction.

  • It may be difficult to tell the difference between something that has occurred naturally and an adverse reaction. Sometimes reactions can be part of the condition being treated rather than being caused by the vaccine.

  • Many factors have to be considered when assessing whether a vaccine has caused a reported adverse reaction. When monitoring the safety of medicines and vaccines, MHRA staff carry out careful analysis of these factors.

  • It is not possible to compare the safety of different vaccines by comparing the numbers presented in the vaccine reports. Reporting rates can be influenced by many factors including the seriousness of the adverse reactions, their ease of recognition and the extent of use of a particular vaccine. Reporting can also be stimulated by promotion and publicity about a product.

For a vaccine to be considered safe, the expected benefits will be greater than the risk of having harmful reactions. It is important to note that most people receive vaccinations without having any serious side effects.

Risks and benefits of medicines

For a medicine to be considered safe, the expected benefits of the medicine will be greater than the risk of suffering harmful reactions. It is important to note that most people take medicines without suffering any serious side effects.

All medicines can cause reactions. The patient information leaflet accompanying the medicine, or available from your pharmacist, lists the known side effects associated with the medicine. Healthcare professionals such as doctors and pharmacists can also provide this information. Information on side effects of medicines can be found on the NHS website.

Monitoring the safety of medicines and vaccines

Information collected through the Yellow Card scheme is an important tool in helping the MHRA and CHM monitor the safety of medicines. Yellow Card reports of suspected adverse reactions are evaluated, together with additional sources of evidence such as worldwide literature, in order to identify previously unidentified hazards or side effects.

If a new side effect is identified, information is carefully considered in context of the overall side effect profile for the medicine or vaccine, and how it compares with other medicines used to treat the same condition.

The MHRA will take action, if necessary, to ensure that the product is used in a way that minimises risk, while maximising patient benefit. Such changes may include, for example, restricting the indication, or special warnings and precautions. Rarely, a drug may need to be withdrawn from the market if the risk of side effects is considered to outweigh the benefits of treatment. Please see our How we monitor the safety of medicines section for further information.

Use of Yellow Card data for publication

If you wish to copy or circulate the information contained within a report to anyone else, please ensure that a copy of these guidelines is also provided.

The MHRA and CHM encourage the use of data from the Yellow Card scheme in research and for publication, but wish to ensure that the limitations of interpretation of the data are made clear.

If you propose to publish information based on Yellow Card data, the MHRA is most willing to provide advice on how the Yellow Card information might be best used and presented. The MHRA is also willing to provide feedback on manuscripts prior to publication. Please write to the Deputy Director, Safety and Surveillance Group by email.