Preventing COVID-19 Vaccination of Children

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The UK government has been dancing around the issue of rolling out COVID-19 vaccines to children for months.  Announcements and press speculation ranging from “no plans” to “vaccinate all children immediately” with every permutation in between, have left parents confused and concerned about what is going on or likely to happen in the coming weeks.

Eighteen months into the pandemic, it is clear that children’s risk from COVID-19 is statistically zero.  A recent study by University College London and the Universities of Bristol, Liverpool and York showed that the risk of an otherwise healthy child dying with COVID-19 is 2 in 1 million or 0.0002%.

Yet despite that, and the repeated recommendation from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation that there was negligible benefit to be gained for children in exchange for the risks posed by the vaccines, the government has proceeded with a rollout plan for 12-15 year old children.

COVID-19 vaccines are still in Phase 3 trials in adults, so there are still no data on their long term effects, either in terms of efficacy or harm.  The data on short term harms show worrying signs, including fatalities being reported at 28 times the rate seen on a per dose basis for influenza vaccines.

The case for rolling out an experimental medical treatment to children who stand to gain no direct benefit from it would appear to be weak at best, but as the last year and a half has shown, reason and logic appear to be strangers to these shores at the moment.

Parents may have happily had the vaccine themselves, for peace of mind, to “do their bit” or in the hope of getting to back to normal, but their children being injected is a whole different matter.  We are confident that many parents who may have made different medical choices for themselves are ready to unite to prevent their children being coerced into receiving a treatment that may have life-changing consequences for whom the manufacturers are shielded from any liability.

There is currently an ongoing court case challenging the legality of the government’s rollout plans and as such every parent is perfectly within their rights to withhold their consent until a final judgment in that case has been obtained.

We strongly urge parents to get involved in our campaign, take the action steps for themselves and spread the word to as many parents in their communities and online as they can.  Regardless of what, if any, ulterior motives you think the government may have in pressing ahead with COVID-19 vaccinations for children, the futures and wellbeing of all our children and the generations after them are at stake.

Action Needed

Strategy One

There are strong indications that schools and health authorities will try to use “Gillick Competence” to circumvent parental consent to vaccination. In other words, they may not send advance warning of vaccination day and may inject your child after “assessing” them to be Gillick competent. This is despite there being legal precedent set in the recent Bell v Tavistock case that children do not have capacity to give consent for experimental treatments, as it is impossible for them to be fully informed on their potential impact.

Ultimately, the best way to protect your children is not to put them in harm’s way in the first place.

With that in mind, we believe the best course of action for all parents is to withdraw their children from the state education system immediately.

You are lawfully entitled to do so.  You do not need permission from the school or from the local authority. But we recognise that providing for your child’s education outside the state system may be a completely new concept and something that you may not think you have the time or money to do.

To assist you, we will be putting together an article explaining what’s involved and how to get started, along with a list of useful resources. In the meantime, we recommend you read this article on the AwakenedWorld website which has been written by Lawyers of Light.

Strategy Two

UPDATED 7th October 2021. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is with regret that we are no longer able to promote the three step school notice process previously offered on this page. Anyone wishing to use those notices can find them elsewhere on the internet by searching for “People’s Union of Britain”

Strategy Three

We are grateful to Clare Wills Harrison of Lawyers of Light and Awakened World for creating a Notice of Liability for us to offer to parents.

This letter puts the Head Teacher of the school on notice under Tort law. A Tort, in common law jurisdiction, is a civil wrong (other than breach of contract) that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm, resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act.

Unlike the previous three step notice process offered as Strategy Two, this is a simple, one letter action for you to take. The letter also deals clearly with the issue of any attempt to obtain consent from your child via Gillick competence. As long term safety data is not available, you and your child are unable to make a proper risk assessment and therefore cannot give informed consent.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the letter template by clicking on the red button below
  2. Open the document in Microsoft Word or another word processing tool able to read Word documents
  3. Personalise the letter by replacing all the [Placeholders] with your information (e.g. name, address, school, your child’s name)
  4. Double check to make sure you have found and replaced all the [Placeholders]
  5. Print off TWO copies of the letter
  6. Sign both copies of the letter
  7. Send both copies of the letter to the Head Teacher – this can be by Special Delivery or you can deliver it by hand.

You send two copies of the letter so that the Head Teacher can sign and return one. It is not necessary for them to do this for you to have served a proper notice, but requesting that they do ensures that they have read and understood the content of the notice.


Please note that we are not legal advisers and nothing that is contained in this website or the documents you may download from it should be construed as legal advice. We offer no guarantee of success and you agree that if you decide to use this resource you do so at your own risk.  If you are in any doubt, please instead adopt Strategy One and take your child out of school.  The short term financial hardship or logistical challenges are far less harmful than the potential risk from your child being vaccinated.