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On 9th June 2021, Dr Tess Lawrie from the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy wrote an open letter to Dr June Raine, CEO of the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

In the letter, Dr Lawrie highlighted her concerns following our joint analysis of the weekly reports from the MHRA Yellow Card scheme for COVID-19 vaccinations .

The analysis suggests that many possible serious adverse reactions are not being fully recognised due to the way individual reports have been categorised.  Once we collated the data using groups of related clinical terms, the number of adverse reactions and fatalities in some areas started to look far more worrying than a cursory examination of the weekly report would suggest.

Based on the findings, Dr Lawrie called for an immediate halt to the vaccine rollout while the Yellow Card reports are analysed in more depth by independent researchers.

As yet, there has been no response to the letter from Dr Raine or the MHRA and the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines continues with ever younger people being called forward.

Arguably, with the statistical risk from COVID-19 to younger people being minimal to none, they are being put at greater risk by having the vaccines.

Action Needed

We feel it is vital that every MP in Westminster as well as those in the devolved Assemblies have this open letter brought to their attention.

So if you are concerned also, please get involved in this campaign, by writing to your MP, MSP and/or Assembly member.

Step One

Download the open letter from Dr Tess Lawrie

Step Two

Find your elected representative(s) using the links below and get their contact details:

Westminster MPs

Scottish MPs

Welsh Assembly (Senedd)

Northern Ireland Assembly

Step Three

Click on the Take Action button below to download a draft letter in Word format.

Step Four

Personalise the letter by adding the MP information and your details.  You can also adapt the letter to put it into your own words.  We just wanted to get you started!

You may prefer to put the letter in an email instead and send Dr Lawrie’s letter as an attachment.  Or you might want to print both off and send by post to their constituency or parliament/assembly address.

The choice is yours!


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